School Executive Committee

A School Executive Committee is composed of individuals who are experienced in teaching, academic administration and school management. The Committee formulates annual academic and non–academic goals, policies and strategies for the smooth operation of the school. It is also responsible for executing them across the school, monitoring the day–to–day execution of academic programmes, co–curricular and extra–activities, and resolving if any issues that come across during the course of the school operation. The team comprises the following members:

Mr. Chandra Adhikari

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chandra Adhikari has more than twenty years of working experience in the areas of education and human rights. He holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology, and is one of the founder members of Bhaktapur NIST, a high school that offers academic programmes from the Pre-school to Elementary and High school. Bhaktapur NIST is one of the constituent institutions under the NIST Foundation, and Mr. Adhikari leads the overall management and administration of all academic and non–academic activities of the school as the CEO / Principal.

In addition, Mr. Adhikari is currently serving as the President of Private Association of Boarding Schools of Nepal (PABSON), Bhaktapur district, an umbrella organization established in order to guide, promote, give permanency and protect the rights of private schools to professionally develop the education system and institutions in the nation. He is also a member of Quality Kathmandu Schools (QKS), and has previously served as the General Secretary of Amnesty International (AI) from 2004 to 2009.

Mr. Adhikari has attended several the national and the international workshops and conventions, and travelled extensively within the country and abroad that includes countries like United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Holland, Portugal, Portugal, France, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. Mr. Adhikari is committed to promoting the quality of education in terms of both equity and inclusive education.

Mr. Dilip Rana


Mr. Dilip Rana currently serves as the Principal of BHAKTAPUR NIST School. Prior to joining the NIST school, Mr. Rana worked as Principal in Sanskriti International School from January 2018 to June 2020 and Rajashree Gurukul from February 2013 to December 2017. He possesses more than two decades of experience in teaching, academic administration and management of academic institutions / schools. As the Academic Head of the two progressive schools, Mr. Rana was deeply involved in providing strategic direction, developing the systems and in executing the strategies, policies and procedures of the institution.

Mr. Rana was also a visiting faculty of Master’s degree in Education Program at Kathmandu University, and Master’s degree in Sociology at Campion College under Tribhuwan University. He had the privilege to assist his Professors at Kathmandu University in the MPhil program for subjects like Research Methodology, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. He began his career as Asst. Co- ordinator for Cambridge International A Level programme at GEMS Institute of Higher Education in 2008. He also taught to the students of undergraduate level i.e. BSMD (Bachelor of Science leading to Doctor of Medicine) in the same institution under Angeles University Foundation, the Philippines and later in Campion College.

Mr. Rana earned his M. Phil. in Educational Leadership from Kathmandu University and Postgraduate and Undergraduate degrees in Sociology from Campion College (TU). He had his schooling completed from Dr. Grahams Homes, Kalimpong, India and also had a Diploma course from Social Science Baha. Currently, he is pursuing his M. Ed. from University of Applied Research and Development (New Zealand). One of the core objectives of the programme is integrating technology in education which is essential for the 21 st century. He was also the founder member of Quality Kathmandu Schools (QKS), and was leading programmes for the students’ development in Kathmandu. Mr. Rana brings with him the knowledge and expertise in pedagogic principles, leadership and management of schools.

Mr. SK Thapaliya

Vice Principal

The Vice Principal, Mr. Sukumar Thapaliya, joined Bhaktapur NIST School in15th March, 2019, with over two decades’ experience, as an academician and academic administrator in reputed educational institutes of the Kathmandu Valley.

He began his career from Loyola School in 1998 as a high school Coordinator, in addition to his role, as high school Mathematics Instructor. He was responsible to look after all the academic programs from Lower Secondary to Secondary level along with government official works related to school. He worked there till 2008 AD. In the year 2008 AD, he founded Blooming Buds International School, where he worked as a Principal till 2015 AD. In the year 2016, he was appointed as Vice principal (Unit Head) at The Chandbagh School, a school run under CG Education, and a sister wing of Chaudhary Group. He was responsible for overseeing the academics and functioned in the planning, executing and monitoring of day-to-day operations, and also developed a performance evaluation system for students as well as co-workers, in addition to formulating, recommending and implementing new policies to promote progressive trends in education. He worked at The Chandbagh School for three years before joining Bhaktapur NIST School.

He earned his Master’s degree (MA) in Sociology Tribhuvan University, Nepal. In line with his calling as a Mathematics teacher, he has published Compulsory Mathematics books (A, B 1 to 10) and Optional Mathematics books (6 to 10) from Guinness publication in 2016 AD. The books are being used across Nepal at present. Mr. Thapaliya has attended many national and international seminars and trainings to enhance his capacity and published many articles and books. He is a dedicated, determined person with positive vibe and strong leadership qualities.

Mr. Binod Karki

Secondary Co-ordinator

Before he started his professional career in Nepal, Mr. Karki completed all his educational degree from India and has earned his Masters degree in Physics from North Eastern Hill University (N.E.H.U.), Shillong, India, in the year 2015 AD. He has received various trainings related to classroom teaching, first aid, and as a Master Trainer in Student Quality Circle (SQC), all of these, has considerably boosted his confidence level and educated him about teaching learning practices and approaches, practiced globally.

Since joining Bhaktapur NIST in Mangsir 2076 (December 2019), for the past one and a half years, he has served as the Secondary Co-ordinator and has been doing a fine job. As part of his initiatives to strengthen teaching-learning activities at the school, he has tried to empower the teachers by


encouraging them to involve in research on latest practices in teaching-learning.


ensuring that he would provide every support to their endeavors.


creating a friendly and mutually respectful, working environment.


trying to solve the issues that arise periodically

He has been a counselor, motivator to students in need, always trying to encourage and felicitate them such that they are encouraged to strive and achieve greater heights.

Ms. Anita Bam Lamsal

Pre /Primary Co-ordinator

Ms. Anita Bam Lamsal has been working as Block-in-charge, for the Pre /Primary level, having joined NIST Bhaktapur, in the middle of the year 2076. Prior to joining the school, Ms. Lamsal has had experience in various renowned schools in Kathmandu such as Kathmandu University High School, Pathsala Nepal, Daffodil Boarding School, Apex Life School , Dikshalaya Nepal etc. as an English Teacher as well as a Coordinator.

Through her experience of more than fifteen years, she has always had a passion for learning and upgrading not only her personal academic pursuits, but the overall growth of students, as well as her team.

She is a team player and extremely dedicated to her role. She is very caring and friendly towards her students. She supports her team members through effective guidance, monitoring and performance review process.

Mr. Kanchan Kumar K.C.

ICT Head

A Business Studies graduate, with experience in the Account, Finance and Marketing Head of management, Mr. K.C. has embraced his professional role as an educator with zeal and enthusiasm. He joined Bhaktapur NIST as the the ICT Head and International Program Co- ordinator in April, 2018, joining as a full time faculty, after three years of laudable service as a part time, UCMAS Co-ordinator. He has successfully completed many job related trainings, has been a recipient of numerous national as well as international awards and honors. These awards, accredited to the School have played significant role in implementing the effective learning practices, use of ICT in education and prospective of global education in embedding the international dimension in curriculum.

Mr. K.C. is a thorough professional, knowledgeable and result oriented individual with theoretical and practical understanding of work requirements. He has always relished new challenges and is capable of working individually or as part of a team. He tends to learn very quickly and adapt himself to various scenarios quickly. He has an excellent ability to apply the theoretical understanding into any given practical context.


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