Message from the Chief Executive Officer


Chandra Adhikari

Chief Executive Officer

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We, as educators, have a challenging role to educate today’s young learners who will live, and need to thrive in a world that is very uncertain, complex and ever changing. We never know what will happen tomorrow, which technology will be invented and what kind of social problems we will face in the future. Perhaps nobody has imagined the situation we are going through now because of the pandemic of the Covid–19. The whole world has been profoundly affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus, and due to which the ways we live and do things have dramatically changed today

Under such circumstances, we must facilitate our young learners to learn knowledge, skills and attitude that will help them adapt to any new situation, be able to embrace the challenges and thrive in the world. We, being aware of these new realities, have changed our approach to teaching–leaning and student assessment. In order to make the student learning stimulating and enriching, we have partnered with some education agencies such as 3Di School of New Zeeland, Karkhana, School Enterprise Challenge among others. In addition, we are working on with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), UK, a widely recognized and the largest education provider, to strengthen the teaching–learning and to improve student outcomes at Bhaktapur NIST school. We will also establish Sports Academy soon to provide more sports facilities to our students, and help them develop their potential in sports as well.

This year, we have reformed our leadership team, and integrated a digital technology for communicating with parents about the academic and non¬–academic progress / activities of their children. We will also focus on the professional learning of our teachers and leaders for enabling them to be well acquainted with the latest teaching and learning practices.

As always, we acknowledge, and value the feedback of our parents / guardians, and improve upon it. We look forward to welcoming all our parents / guardians and students to BHAKTAPUR NIST school.

Mr. Chandra Adhikari
Chief Executive Officer


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