Academic Programmes

The school conducts classes from Pre–school to Secondary level (Nursery – grade 12). The course from Grade 1 to 12 is based on the National Curriculum of Nepal. The school uses the latest pedagogy and the international best practices for teaching–learning while delivering the contents to students. Though school education is divided into two groups i.e. basic education (Grade 1 – 8) and secondary education (Grade 9 – 12), classes have been categorized into four different academic wings for the effective monitoring of the day–to–day academic activities.


Pre-school (Playgroup – Upper Kindergarten)


Lower Elementary School (Grade 1 – 5)


Upper Elementary School (Grade 6 – 8)


Secondary School (Grade 11 – 12)

Each wing is led by an Academic Coordinator who is competent, experienced and dynamic, and they, in turn, are supervised and guided by Vice Principal / Principal. The wing coordinators are responsible for administering the day–to–day classes, and ensuring co–curricular activities and extra–curricular activities are taking place as scheduled and implemented effectively. They also make sure the safety and well–being of every student in the school.

Plus 2 Programme

We provide high school education (Upper Secondary) for grade 11 and 12 students based on the National Curriculum prescribed by the National Examination Board (NEB). Earlier known as Plus 2 programme, this is offered as a separate stand–alone two-year course that prepares students for undergraduate courses at university. Upon successful completion of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) i.e. Grade 10, conducted by the NEB, students are eligible to pursue the Upper Secondary programme (Grade 11–12).

Upon enrolling in the programme, students have the flexibility to choose elective subjects as per their interest and career goals. The core subjects are mandatory for every student to pursue, and are designed to provide in–depth knowledge and understanding. The academic programme is led by the Principal, ably supported by the programme Coordinators and a competent team of academic faculty in addition to an experienced team of administrators. Currently, the school offers courses in Science and Law.

NEB Science Programme

The Science programme is designed to instill fundamental conceptual of the sciences, and generate an interest for students to pursue a major in the physical and biological sciences. The course is designed to study and teach sciences so as to encourage and enable learners to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world. The science students are encouraged to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.

After completion of the high school science programme, students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the academic programmes of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer Science and IT, Medical and Paramedical sciences and Engineering among others, and involve in research and development in the diverse fields of Science and Technology.

Science (Subjects offered)

Grade 11 Grade 12
English English
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Mathematics Mathematics
Biology / Computer Biology / Mathematics

NEB Law Programme

Plus 2 programme in Law is a two–year course tailored for students who are seeking to base their future career in the legal sector than a degree in Law. The law is an attractive subject, and a very popular choice worldwide because of its rewarding career prospects. Nepal is not an exception. The history of the judicial system of Nepal has gone through various phases i.e. uncodified to codified laws from Kingdom to Republic from customary to legislative and from the Muluki Ain to Nepal’s new laws. These will be incorporated into the two–year programme offered by the NEB.

Law (Subjects offered)

Grade 11 Grade 12
English English
Nepali Criminal Law and Justice
Nepalese Legal System Procedural Law
Constitutional Law Legal Drafting
General Principles of Law Civil Law and Justice


Our vision is to become a highly respected high school in the country where its students, staff and the community feel safe and valued, demonstrate their pride, share a love for learning, and where students graduate with academic excellence to succeed in higher education, life and beyond.

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We provide our students with a holistic education in a caring, safe and supportive environment that fosters positive attitudes to learning, and promotes students’ holistic development that includes intellectual, social and emotional skills as well as their physical well–being. We engage with parents as partners to facilitate students to achieve academic excellence, inspire lifelong learning, and become confident, engaged and responsible global citizens. We help students develop the 21 st century skills – creativity, critical–thinking, collaboration and communication skills, aptitude for learning and positive attitudes that are necessary to succeed and thrive in life, higher education and beyond.

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