Teaching & Learning Environment

The school has purpose –built classrooms and facilities that allow students to have unique and enriching learning experience in the school. All the classrooms are spacious, and well–equipped with teaching and learning resources. A limited number of students are kept in each class so as to enable teachers to give every child individual attention and care.

At NIST, teaching and learning is based on inquiry, activity–based and problem–solving approaches. Our teachers engage students in active learning that helps students focus not only on what to learn but also how to learn. Students are encouraged to think hard rather than passively receive information from the teacher. Thus, students play important part in their own learning process. A lot of co–curricular activities are organized, and students are encouraged to participate to enrich the learning experiences of students. The school encourages active involvement of parents / guardians, as students’ learning becomes successful when parents are involved throughout the learning process.


Teaching and Assessment

The school has adopted a team–teaching system up to grade three considering students with different backgrounds and intellectual levels. The team–teaching helps our teachers plan their lessons, set learning goals and activities to meet the needs of individual or groups of students. In higher grades, teachers focus on activity–based teaching and learning, and thus facilitating students to engage in active learning. Students are facilitated to learn on how to learn rather than learning facts and contents. Our students are challenged to think hard, and solve problems collectively by engaging them in group works and projects.

Students’ learning is assessed on a regular basis throughout the year through class / home–work, unit / monthly tests and terminal examinations as well as project works in senior grades. The school believes in a continuous learning and the improvement of learning outcomes of students. Thus, the school follows formative assessment system across all grades.


Professional Development of Teachers

The school has a strong team of teachers who are passionate about their profession – teaching and learning and experienced in progressive education. The school gives preference to have a team of full–time teachers to ensure maximum support for students with some few part–time teachers in the upper secondary school.

Trainings and workshops are regularly organized in the school for teachers in order to keep them updated with the latest teaching–learning approaches and student assessment systems.



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