School Hour

Generally, the school is open Sunday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. However, the management reserves rights to change this schedule from time to time, and in such a case, parents / guardians are notified.

School Uniform

The school has a prescribed set of school uniform which all students must adhere to. The school uniform includes shirt, pant, tie and cardigan (blazer only in winter). Apart from the regular uniform, students are also provided with T-shirt and tracksuit for games and sports, which they need to wear during the ECAs in the school. Details regarding the uniform will be provided at the time admission.

safety & Security

The school gives the utmost priority to the safety and security of students. The school complex is fully secure, and has adopted security measures. Students will be handed to the parents only and persons authorized by parents. However, secondary school students may be allowed to go home on their own after the school hour from the school or the bus stop provided their parents have submitted a written application for permission to do so.


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